4 Steps for Advancing Your Trucking Career


Getting your commercial driving license, or CDL, is just the first step in a long-term career as a truck driver. With a CDL, you can drive commercial vehicles, which opens lots of different career opportunities for you. There are steps you can take to continue to advance your career once you have your CDL. Drive Consistently Over Time One of the first things that you need to do is find an initial job.

15 December 2020

3 Ways Telematic Control Units Benefit Your Truck Drivers


Companies often focus on the business advantages of installing telematic control units in their trucks. These solutions help increase productivity and efficiency, after all. However, your truck drivers also benefit if you put these controls in your fleet. How? 1. Develop Safer Driving Habits Even your most reliable and most experienced drivers might take their eye off the ball when it comes to their own driving skills. They may be a little too confident in their own skills and abilities because they don't have at-fault incidents or accidents.

22 September 2020

Are You in Charge of Planning Your High School's Senior Trip for 2021?


If you are in charge of planning your high school's senior trip for next year, you're wise to start the planning now. There will be many details to consider, including your mode of transportation. Some companies, like Harmon Brothers Inc, know that you might want to consider arranging for charter bus transportation.That will more than likely be the safest and the least expensive way for you and the others who will be traveling to get to your destination.

9 July 2020

How Commercial Truckers Can Benefit Greatly From Accessing A Load Board


If you're a commercial trucker, it's important to line up clients on a regular basis. This will be much easier to do today if you utilize load boards. Using them will benefit your trucking operations in the following ways. Reduce Empty Miles Working as a commercial trucker, the last thing you need is traveling with no cargo. This is pretty much wasted miles that you'll end up paying for down the road.

2 January 2020

3 Reasons To Travel Via Charter Bus For Your Next Road Trip


If you plan to travel with friends or family in the near future, check out a charter bus for your transportation needs. A charter bus is an excellent alternative to a conventional passenger vehicle due to the amenities and customization options. You can book a large charter bus if you're traveling with a lot of people, or you may opt for a smaller, more intimate bus when traveling in smaller groups.

14 November 2019

4 Reasons To Take A Taxi To The Airport


When it comes to airline travel, one of the worst parts isn't waiting in the airport, it is driving to the airport, parking, and remembering where your vehicle is at when you are tired and returning from your trip. Make your next trip more enjoyable by taking a taxi to the airport. Schedule Your Pick-Up in Advance When you take a taxi to the airport, you can schedule your taxi in advance, so that way you know you will have transportation to the airport.

27 September 2019

Bulk Tanker Galore: Different Types Of Bulk Hauling Trucks


Transporting goods can be done in a variety of different ways. While train or foot used to be one of the only ways you could transport goods, there are now more ways than ever. Not only are goods transported via cargo ships, plane, and truck, but they are also being delivered through things like drones as well. And although drones are definitely taking over a portion of the transportation business, trucking is still one of the most popular ways to transport goods from one place to another.

18 July 2019